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Nick Swettenham



Nick Swettenham is a British singer/songwriter, guitar and drum teacher and author based in South West London. His father Geoff and uncle Peter were in the 60’s pop band Grapefruit, who were one of the first groups to be signed to Apple publishing in 1968 (see picture below of their record deal signing)


Nick has followed in his father’s footsteps as a drummer, guitarist and songwriter. He has been in numerous bands over the years and is now a solo artist under his new name 'MODEL CITISIN'. He still plays with his brother Jamie Swettenham on drums, as well as bass player Nick Granville and wife Amy on Trumpet and Strings who are all featured on his songs. Nick's eldest brother Daz is also an active bass player. 

“My late father was a musician. My brothers, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews are all musicians. Music is the fabric of who I am. It’s in our bloodline and will carry on for generations to come”  - Nick Swettenham


Nick’s influences range through the decades but predominately Indie, Rock, and Britpop have been the foundation of his musical inspiration. He's also a fan of Motown, Soul, Folk and classical music.


Nick is currently focusing on producing a range of new material after building his own music studio. He teaches drums and guitar both in person and online and is now a self -published author, working on numerous music trivia and fun facts books. 

grapefruit-1968 signing .webp
Grapefruit's contract signing 1968
Dad and boys.jpg
Nick Swettenham with his father Geoff and brothers Daz and Jamie

My music

'Better Late Than Never' Nick Swettenham

Here's a short teaser trailer for my first official EP 'Better Late Than Never', which is available now on over 150 streaming platforms worldwide including Spotify, Youtube, Amazon music, iTunes and more! The EP features 6 songs 'Eyes on the Water' 'One Life' 'Winter's Gone' 'Circles' 'Fear Against the Rain' 'Last Call'.

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