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'Nick has taught me for around 7 years and I'm improving every session. It varies from Blues one day, then solos or classic Rock the other. I am constantly getting better and I look forward to learning more' Jake Cross

'Nick taught our son for 8 years. He was fun and taught a way that was easy to learn and enabled our son to play a wide selection of songs. Even got him singing along. He was a very positive role model during his teenage years. We have happily recommended him to others' Melissa Hayes 

'Nick has been teaching ethan since he was 6 years old. He is a kind, patient and supportive teacher. He balances this with being fun and easy going so it's been a wonderful experience for Ethan. 

Due to his enthusiasm, Nick has instilled a passion for music and music appreciation for Ethan. Ethan is becoming a confident musician and really looks forward to his guitar lessons each week.

We highly recommend Nick and have gladly recommended him to numerous friends' Emily Weissenborn

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